With over 10 years experience and more than 5,000 happy customers, our trained specialists will ensure that your car is groomed to meet our highest level of satisfaction.

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Cabin Werks Premium

All interior surfaces cleaned & prepped including headliner, air-conditioning vents, vinyl/plastic surfaces

Steam jet cleaning on all visible surfaces at 175 degrees Celsius (Including carpets & floor mats)

Cleaning on all visible plastic and leather surfaces with Ecoclean+ Disinfectant

Leather surfaces conditioned using Skinz "Leather" Cleaner & Conditioner. No oily/shiny residues. the surfaces will dry to a matte finish as if it were “like new"

Windows (Interior & Exterior) cleaned with non-streaking glass cleaner

Tyres dressed with "no sling formula

Nissan steering wheel before cleaning and sanitising


Nissan steering wheel after cleaning and sanitising

After Cleaning & Sanitising with Eco-Clean+

Keep yourself and your family safe by destroying moulds, germs, viruses, dust mites and other harmful bacteria with steam cleaning!

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what people say about us

  "The team at Marina Bay has always taken good care of cleaning my car for the past 5 years. 

Ronaldo's team has always delivered what Detail Mania promised and my car has always looked well polished and shiny despite our dusty conditions in Singapore. Well done Detail Mania. 👍👍👍"  

- Jumaat Masdawood  

Embarrassingly, I delivered my scrapped, sweat stain, food smelling vehicle to Detail Mania for a complete clean - and returned to find my car looking (and smelling) almost new. Interior was meticulously cleaned, all my items neatly placed in a bag, and team even repaired a seat that wasn't locking properly. The previous existing exterior scratches were removed and the finish was not only shiny but still look great after I returned home in a rain storm. The customer service was fantastic and highly recommend this service

—  Holly Haglund Smith

"Just like the name, my car was detailed indeed. Brandon, Rolando & Team clearly take their work very seriously. As i had a fresh coat of paint and eager to start having a protective coat, i was told to come back a couple of weeks later till my paintwork has completed dried internally. 

This meant that they are not just in for the $, they take pride in their work. Today i collected my car in stunning condition. Well done Detailed Mania!"

- Adriel Yeo

Our Prices


4 - 5 hours


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4 - 5 hours


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5 - 6 hours


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Extra Large

5 - 6 hours


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Add-on available: 

Germagic Anti-Microbial Self-Disinfection Coating

Anti Pest Fumigation

Activated Oxygen Treatment

Deep Steam & Extraction (Fabric/Pet Fur Removal)

Deep Steam Cleaning (Spillage/Vomit Removal)

  "Besides the use of cleaning agents, the NEA said that steam and heat treatment are also effective against a large family of viruses that cause illnesses ranging from the common cold to more serious conditions such as Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome (SARS)."

Source: Yahoo

Frequently Asked Questions

Will Steam Cleaning hurt the interior plastic and leather of my car?

Most definitely not! Our specialized steam cleaning equipment produce steam at a temperature of 175 degrees Celsius, however, as it comes into contact with air, it is quickly cooled to around 90 to 110 degree Celsius. As it cools down, steam condenses into water droplets and will be cleaned off by our technicians. Steam cleaning has been known to be an effective way to clean leather and plastic surfaces as it loosens the dirt and stains but does not leave any harmful residues that might cause the material to breakdown or discolour over time. 

What is Germagic Anti-Microbial Coating? Is It useful against the recent covid-19 virus?

It is a gentle solution that utilises antimicrobial encapsulation technology with germicidal thyme essential oil for a more long-lasting and durable effect.


With a lifespan of up to 90 days, Germagic™ Thyme has been proven to be effective against multiple bacteria, fungi and viruses*. 

Please see this link for documentation and certification.


someone just vomited in my car. what should i do?

Do not panic. Take a dry cloth and clean up the mess first. Check the surrounding areas to see if they are affected too. Use a slightly damp cloth with some disinfecting solution to wipe the affected area. You can make use of dryer sheets to soak up the liquid as much as possible. In the event that the mess and odour becomes too unbearable, contact us for a session of Cabin Werks Premium with 2 stage deep steam cleaning for a thorough clean, removal and sanitisation. 

I spilled a drink on my fabric car seats. Can you help me?

No problems at all. Just book your car in for a session of Cabin Werks Premium with 2 stage deep steam cleaning & extraction. The extraction process allows us to inject hot steam directly into fabric fibers and soften the residue while at the same time, extracting this liquid from within it to ensure that we achieve a thorough clean and removal. Leaving these residues in your car can attract pests such as cockroaches, ants and small insects over time. 

I found cockroaches and ants in my car. i'm so scared now! can you get rid of them?

Finding cockroaches racing with you in your car can be traumatising experience. Simply opt for our anti-pest fumigation add on and we will ensure that these little critters are thoroughly removed from your personal cabin space. After the fumigation is completed, a complete interior detail with steam cleaning will be carried out to ensure that nothing is left behind (You would not want dead cockroaches rolling around in the car, would you?). 

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